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Congratulations! You're one step closer to zero harm.  

Your facility has elected to evaluate an innovative technology that is harnessing the Preventive|BiocidalTM power of an ancient remedy, copper


Did you know the over bed table is considered a high touch surface in a general patient room and the 3rd most contaminated? One study found that less than 30% of the overbed tables were thoroughly cleaned by Environmental Services prior to an educational intervention. Another study surveying Environmental Service Workers reported that 40% of overbed tables were “often” or
“always” too cluttered to clean during daily cleaning. Knowing this, is it shocking to think how frequently the overbed table top is only partially cleaned or skipped altogether?
Gross! Well, the EOScu surface is working round the clock to reduce the bioburden.  In fact, one study found benign levels of contamination by hour 30.  Furthermore, those levels were consistent on the EOScu tables in isolation rooms and outside isolation precautions. Can't say the same for the control table tops.  

Infection Rates

So how could this impact your facility? Back in 2013 one hospital preformed the largest clinical trial involving copper surfaces. Ten months and over 33 thousand patient days later researchers found a 78% reduction in MDRO infections and an 83% reduction in C.diff alone in the rooms with copper surfaces and linens. In 2018, a supplemental study was published ruling out two of the most frequently referenced confounders; new construction and elevated infection prevention standards from seeking a DNV certification.  This facility's management was so impressed that they deployed the technology system wide as a standard of care. Because one infection is too many.  We can take all the help we can get.