Thank you for working with EOScu Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™. 



 Please review the list of items below to ensure you have gathered all the necessary information. 
You must complete all steps in one sitting.

  • Basic contact information for you, the Fabricator (name, company, phone, email, address)
  • Date of your EOScu certified fabricator training (this will be on your certificate)
  • Distributor who sold you the EOScu material
  • Basic contact information for Facility onsite Point of Contact at Installation Site (name, company, address, email)
  • Lot numbers & location where you installed the EOScu product (example: GRYBE0500002-001 ICU room 501) Download a log template here.
  • You have adhered the EPA required installation tags to each finished product installed AND left the EPA required pamphlet with facility onsite point of contact.  If not, request materials here.
  • You have retained and given a 4"x4" piece of color matched material per each Lot Number installed to your facility onsite point of contact