Thank you for working with EOScu Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™. 

This warranty card is for the fabrication and installation of EOSCU into the end user facility.  If you are acting as a 3rd party supplier providing component(s) to a customer that will in turn produce and deliver a finished good to the end user facility, use this warranty registration card.     




 Please review the list of items below to ensure you have gathered all the necessary information. 
You must complete all steps in one sitting.

  • Basic contact information for you, the Fabricator (name, company, phone, email, address)
  • Date of your EOScu certified fabricator training (this will be on your certificate)
  • Distributor who sold you the EOScu material
  • Basic contact information for Facility onsite Point of Contact at Installation Site (name, company, address, email)
  • Lot numbers & location where you installed the EOScu product (example: GRYBE0500002-001 ICU room 501) Download a log template here.
  • You have adhered the EPA required installation tags to each finished product installed AND left the EPA required pamphlet with facility onsite point of contact.  If not, request materials here.
  • You have retained and given a 4"x4" piece of color matched material per each Lot Number installed to your facility onsite point of contact